Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion // V&A Exhibition.

When I found out there was a Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A, I had no choice but to go along and check it out. I have always been so passionate about fashion and I find it so interesting to see how the greats have gone about paving the way for their infamous high-fashion domination.

Balenciaga is easily one of my favourite high-end designers and as I’d disappointingly missed the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A back in 2015, I was determined I wasn’t going to miss out again.


The exhibition shows how not only Balenciaga’s style evolved, but also how the creative directors who have been passed the reigns since his death have continued to encapsulate his vision in their styles. There is a consistent theme of conservative elegance, in accordance with his Catholic background, with an enchanting yet seductive edge, which is perfectly highlighted by the timeline layout of the pieces.

Along with details of the techniques applied and formulated by Balenciaga, each piece is interestingly detailed with who wore it when and who it was donated by, allowing you to build a detailed picture of the sheer scale of the high end brand and how amazingly influential the brand has been since its founding in 1919.

Its really difficult to put into words how staggering the exhibition is and in order to really appreciate it you need to get down there yourself and see the clothing in their own timeless elegance.

Its also worth going just to see the V&A itself if you haven’t already. Its a beautiful museum which focuses hugely on the aesthetics of historical architecture, fashion, jewellery and much more.

Entry to the V&A itself is free but it is an additional £12 to get into the Balenciaga exhibition itself but it really is worth it, especially when you get the rest of the museum to explore for free!

The exhibition is running from now until the 18th of February. More info about tickets, dates and opening times can be found on the website-




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